Australian Snow Sports Academy


We have a passion for elite sport and design, so when we get the chance to develop a brand for a new independent snow sports academy, we know we’re going to have a good time.


The challenge

Australian Snow Sports Academy (ASSA) is new kind of snow sports pathway program. The Academy offers 11-20 year old sub-elite snowsport athletes access to some of the best Australian snow facilities, coaching and advice. This gives the athletes a full immersion experience, whilst providing an opportunity to progress in their chosen discipline and a clear pathway into an elite programme. The offering of all inclusive packages as an independent provider means that parents are not needed, kids can stay in their own school whilst attending sessions in the holidays and weekends, and all aspects of care are catered for.

Launching in Australian Winter 2017, Australian Snow Sports Academy (ASSA) needed a brand strategy that had two main objects; speak directly to youth and reassure parents.



The strategy

We began by exploring key aspects that unite all snow sports – rhythm, balance and movement. We were inspired by motion photography and how the camera breaks down movement into a set of still frames. We wanted to create a marque that reflected these dynamics whilst retaining a trustworthy and youthful appearance that would appeal to both pupils and parents alike.

We experimented with the organisations initials ASSA, abstracting the letterforms into a series of angled lines echoes the motion photography and hints at stages of a larger movement. Unifying the space between lines gives the icon a sense of rhythm, balance and control.

The icon is then paired with a sans serif wordmark that compliments its bold, minimal, rounded forms. The wordmark is bold and authoritative yet retains a modern aesthetic that will not alienate teenagers and young people. The square holding shape and stark black/white colour scheme gives the marque a trustworthy, academic tone that will reassure parents.

As the ‘Australian’ Snow Sports Academy, we felt it appropriate to take colour inspiration from the Australian sporting colours – green and gold. Dialing up the vibrancy helps convey a sense of excitement and dynamism and will appeal to the school aged audience.

With the logo as the basis, we have developed a flexible device that can be used across branded materials. These lines can interact with image and typography and will add a sense of movement to designs.


“I couldn’t be happier with the concept that Harmonica have provided to get this venture into the public eye. It’s both sophisticated to appeal to parents, and bright/bold/dynamic to engage our core teenage participant base.”

Craig Hammond – ASSA