Dolphin Surf Craft

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The challenge

Dolphin Surf Craft is one of the largest surf lifesaving equipment manufacturers in Australia, producing custom made surf craft for the elite of surf lifesaving competitors. Staying ahead of their competition, Dolphin ensure their craft are made with the latest technologies.

Engineered for performance in the surf, Dolphin is the only choice for an exceptional list of dedicated team riders, including local Gold Coast Ironman hero Shannon Eckstein. With a strong youth following, the brand seeks to inspire and nurture the next generation of surf champions.

Harmonica brand agency - Dolphin Surf Craft rashie
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The strategy

Dolphin work closely with Harmonica to market both their performance equipment and also the results of their sponsored athletes. Having worked with Dolphin for a number of years, we know their brand back to front and inside out. That makes for an effective relationship and quick turn around times.

As well as designing marketing and print materials, we are regularly commissioned to produce seasonal logos and graphics for merchandise and equipment. We also help maintain Dolphin’s website and provide artwork for events, tents and environmental graphics.

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Harmonic brand agency - Dolphin Surf Craft - web design
Harmonic brand agency - Dolphin Surf Craft - shirt
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We’ve been using Harmonica for all our marketing material and web design for a few years now. They always manage to interpret my sometimes blurred ideas into really creative and original designs. We’re really happy with our results.

Zane Holmes

Dolphin Surf Craft

Harmonic brand agency - Dolphin Surf Craft

Services: Brand strategy, event branding, apparel design, seasonal graphics, equipment graphics, stationery, print marketing, integrated advertising, web design


Athlete photography: Harvie AllisonChris Hyde and Luke Marsden