Simmons Livingstone & Associates

The challenge

Established through a merger of two firms, Simmons Livingstone & Associates approached Harmonica to create a brand that reflected the progressive work ethic of their new business. As the next generation of accountants, the team had a vision to redefine the sector by integrating accounting and business planning into a combined service. They were keen for the new branding to convey their energy and prove accounting needn’t appear boring or conservative.

The strategy

It was Simmons Livingstone & Associates’ additional services along with their modern approach to business that Harmonica wanted to capture. Taglines including ‘Partners in Success’ were created. Walking a fine line between contemporary and timeless, it was important not to alienate the more traditional clientele whilst attracting like minded individuals. Energetic ‘real life people’ image choices help give an aspirational and ‘success in life’ nuance to the audience.

Our brand gives us a presence that would appeal to anyone in Australia or abroad, and positions us with top end business consulting agencies. The value of what we now have is greater than the cost of it. We’d recommend the Harmonica design team to anyone looking to progress their business.

Kris Simmons

Simmons Livingstone & Associates

Services: Brand identity, brand strategy, stationery, interior graphics, advertising, web design


Photography: John Arygle, Ben Whitmore